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BridgetBridget (ブリジット)Despite the name and appearance, Bridget is actually male. He was born in a village where the birth of twins of the same gender...

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Akizuki RyouAkizuki Ryou (秋月涼)Ritsuko's cousin, though very soft-spoken compared to her. Ryo's actually a crossdressing boy trying to pass himself as a loli idol...

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Watarase JunWatarase Jun (渡良瀬準)He is a boy who crossdresses like a girl because the female school uniform suits him better. He's popular among male students...

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Miyanokouji MizuhoMiyanokouji Mizuho (宮小路瑞穂)He transfers to an all-girl's school per his grandfather's will and must crossdress in order to attend. He already looks very androgynous...

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LarsaLarsa Ferrinas Solidor (ラーサー・ファルナス・ソリドール)He is the fourth son to Emperor Gramis, and brother to Vayne. He is by far and quite obviously the Emperor's favorite...

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May 31, 2010

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Good Bye Everyone

 It's sad to said this, but since I no longer able to maintain this blog anymore due to various things. I decide to close this blog. It's not like I will really close the account, it's just some kind of announcement that I will no longer update this blog (at least not in the near future).

I also already delete all my doujin (and all hentai related, including trap collection) in my HDD today. It's pretty hard choice (considering I collect it for around 6 years), but I think I know why Elric brothers decide to burn their house.

So please enjoy thing which already here. If you're a newcomer, and interested in trap. I suggest you to go here :

- Desuchan Trap Board (http://desuchan.net/tr/) - It's the biggest and the best trap image board. And it's more than just an image board because you can find doujin, cg, and other things.
- Futanaripalace (http://www.futanaripalace.com/showthread.php?8462) - The most active trap / crossdressing dedicated doujin (you can also find game CG) which started by One Eyed Pirate.

See you all.

April 3, 2010

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Suki dayo! Oniichan (Translated)

An even older (C71) short trap doujin with nice artwork from Youkai Tamanokoshi (ようかい玉の輿) circle which recently translated.

Title : Suki dayo! Oniichan
Japanese Title : すきだよっ!おにいちゃん
Circle : Youkai Tamanokoshi (ようかい玉の輿)
Author : CHIRO (ちろ)
Parody : .hack//G.U.
Size : 1.76 MB

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Japanese Title : エロッケツ・ブラッド
Circle : Hayato-ya (はやと屋)
Author : Sakamoto Hayato (坂本ハヤト)
Parody : BROCKEN BLOOD (ブロッケンブラッド)
Size : 9.39 MB

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The Old Enough Adults Are White! And Black! (Translated)

Well, it's an old stuff from C74, but now it's translated.

Title : The Old Enough Adults Are White! And Black!
Japanese Title : いい歳した大人が白だの!黒だの!
Circle : Funikigumi (雰囲気組)
Author : Yurikawa (ゆりかわ)
Parody : Moyashimon (もやしもん)
Size : 4.75 MB

March 3, 2010

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Saki DVD Version (Uncensored) ep 03 - 13

Hi anons, it's been a month since the last time I updated this blog. My job kept me busy all the time. There were so many new trap doujins from C77, but I don't have a time to collect 'em all at the moment. So instead I'll upload my Saki episodes (uncensored ver.). It was done by anon using underwater's script. It's supposed to be DVD version, but I think it was upscaled into 720p.

Get Saki (Uncensored Ver.) here

Anyway enjoy this epic mahjong anime ...

February 2, 2010

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[Sasakura Ayato] Shounen Dolce

This is a must have manga for you fellow trap lovers. It has a nice and cute art.

Title : Shounen Dolce
Japanese Title : 少年ドルチェ
Circle : N/A
Author : Sasakura Ayato (笹倉綾人)
Parody : Original
Size : 30.5 MB

January 30, 2010

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[Anthology] Otokonoko Heaven Vol.03

Title : [Anthology] Otokonoko Heaven Vol.03
Japanese Title : 男娘の子HEAVEN VOL.03
Circle : N/A
Author : Akari Seisuke (明誠助), Hanatsumami Edamamemaru(花妻見枝豆丸), Inaba COZY (稲葉COZY), Kagechin (かげちん), Kashimada Shiki (鹿島田しき), Macop. (まこぷ), Nanamatsu Kenji (七松健司), NemuNemu (眠々), Okada Kou (岡田コウ), Ranma Nekokichi (乱魔猫吉), RT., Yokoyama Negi (横山葱)
Parody : Original
Size : 66.6 MB

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[Anthology] Miyashita Kitsune - Stop! Goshujin-sama (Translated)

Title : [Anthology] Miyashita Kitsune - Stop! Goshujin-sama (Translated)
Japanese Title : ストップ!ご主人様
Circle : N/A
Author : Miyashita Kitsune (宮下キツネ)
Parody : Original
Size : 42.8 MB

January 28, 2010

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[Anthology] Shounen Shikou 25 - Josou Fragrance

: [Anthology] Shounen Shikou 25 - Josou Fragrance
Japanese Title
: 少年嗜好 女装フレグランス
: N/A
: Akari Seisuke (明誠助), Hiiragi Masaki(柊柾葵), Kagechin (かげちん), Kasukabe Akira (カスカベアキラ), Mikami Hokuto (箕神北都), Mizukami Ranmaru (水上蘭丸), Nakanoo Kei (中ノ尾恵), Nanamatsu Kenji (七松健司), NemuNemu (眠々), Okada Kou (岡田コウ), RT., Shinozaki Rei (しのざき嶺), Ueda Yuu (上田裕)
: Original
: 92.9 MB

January 27, 2010

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[Anthology] Shounen Shikou 24 - Josou Destiny

: [Anthology] Shounen Shikou 24 - Josou Destiny
Japanese Title
: 少年嗜好 女装DESTINY
: N/A
: Akari Seisuke (明誠助), Genta (げんた), Kagechin (かげちん), Kasukabe Akira (カスカベアキラ), Mikami Hokuto (箕神北都), Mizukami Ranmaru (水上蘭丸), Nakanoo Kei (中ノ尾恵), Nanamatsu Kenji (七松健司), Okada Kou (岡田コウ), Ranma Nekokichi (乱魔猫吉), Tachibana Momoya (達華モモヤ), Ueda Yuu (上田裕)
: Original
: 56.4 MB