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BridgetBridget (ブリジット)Despite the name and appearance, Bridget is actually male. He was born in a village where the birth of twins of the same gender...

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Akizuki RyouAkizuki Ryou (秋月涼)Ritsuko's cousin, though very soft-spoken compared to her. Ryo's actually a crossdressing boy trying to pass himself as a loli idol...

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Watarase JunWatarase Jun (渡良瀬準)He is a boy who crossdresses like a girl because the female school uniform suits him better. He's popular among male students...

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Miyanokouji MizuhoMiyanokouji Mizuho (宮小路瑞穂)He transfers to an all-girl's school per his grandfather's will and must crossdress in order to attend. He already looks very androgynous...

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LarsaLarsa Ferrinas Solidor (ラーサー・ファルナス・ソリドール)He is the fourth son to Emperor Gramis, and brother to Vayne. He is by far and quite obviously the Emperor's favorite...

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January 18, 2010

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[Anthology] Shounen Shikou 19 - Josou World (Translated)

: [Anthology] Shounen Shikou 19 - Josou World (Translated)
Japanese Title
: [アンソロジー] 少年嗜好 女装ワールド
: N/A
: Aoi Takayuki (蒼隆行), Hiiragi Masaki (柊柾葵), Kagechin (かげちん), Kasukabe Akira (カスカベアキラ), Makita Masaki (蒔田真紀), Mikami Hokuto (みかみ北都), Mizukami Ranmaru (水上蘭丸), Nanamatsu Kenji (七松建司), Narusawa Sora (成沢空), Tachibana Momoya (達華モモヤ), Ucho-Ten (有頂天), Ueda Yuu (上田裕), Yokoyama Negi (横山葱)
: Original
: 69.5 MB
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